Santander Scholarships at Yale and Georgtown University

Santander Scholarships at Yale and Georgtown University

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Banco Santander has launched various scholarships for the Yale and Georgetown programs. These are two programs in which students are invited to take short-stay mobility to the Universities of Yale and Georgetown where they can take courses at these universities.

Santander-Yale International Summer Experience Program

Yale University and Banco Santander are providing currently enrolled undergraduate university students the opportunity to attend classes at Yale during the 5-week Yale Summer Session. 12 undergraduate students from the Santander Universities Network will be selected to enjoy 5 weeks taking part in Yale College courses in New Haven and to live on campus to gain a full Yale College experience.

International Students taking part in Yale Summer Session are eligible for any of the courses in Session B offered in fields from STEM and pre-medicine to the humanities, arts, and social sciences. You may view the list of courses offered by subject here.

Inscriptions until April 19


Summer Workshop-Social Innovation and Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age at Georgetown University

The Banco Santander Georgetown University Partnership on Social Economy is accepting applications from students interested in participating in a two-week, multi-disciplinary workshop. The workshop will examine key trends affecting social and economic inclusion and ask participants to develop innovative approaches and creative solutions.

Students should expect an interactive and practical learning environment that draws on real-world applications of innovation in addition to classroom-based lectures. Students will gain exposure to policy and practice by connecting to a network of researchers, practitioners, financiers, and policymakers. Cultural activities will complement learning goals of the seminars and allow participants to explore Washington, D.C.

Inscriptions until March 20